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Be Date: 9/16/97

lo: Lora Lee Merry Williams

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#9108 “Bad Company” record date 9/18

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"Bad Company"


Leslie Rieder


Final Approved Pickups 9/15/97 5:36 AM

second revised Record Draft 7/22/97


Through a series of soft cuts we dissolve from a map of the world to a map of the Americas. From there we dissolve to a map of South America. From there we dissolve to a map of Brazil. Finally settling on a map of north western Brazil and the CLEAR SOUND OF FALLING RAIN.


The rain PELTS large leaves. We push in to discover that beneath an umbrella of leaves are crouched a large group of MARMOSETS. Slowly we hear the rain begin to STOP. As the number of drops decreases, one of the Marmosets, TUKU, looks out from under the leaf. He SCREAMS a tiny MONKEY CHITTER, and leads a charge of Marmosets from beneath his leaf, and others nearby.


We are looking at an abandoned campsite. By the looks of the overturned table, the scattered pots and pans and the other jetsam, this camp was left in a hurry. After a moment, Tuku, and OTHER MARMOSETS SKITTER into the abandoned camp. Notable in the camp is a collection of items that are laid out ina long line, as if they were once a tall tower of impossibly balanced objects that once built was pushed over in a single sudden clattering of destruction. The marmosets leap into the camp and CHITTER WITH JOY at the destruction. We see some marmosets pick up the few stray plates that are unbroken and BREAK them against rocks and the overturned pots and pans. Over their mayhem, we hear a shout from the distance.

ELIZA (0.S.) All right!

They are still for a beat, each showing a little disappointment. Then as one they react to a distant HOOT OF JOY. One after another the DROP what they're examining and SKITTER toward Eliza's joyous shout.

EXT. COMMVEE - DAY The Commvee sits parked in a clearing, up against a wall of trees. Eliza stands at the door of the Commvee, excited. Darwin is right behind her. Eliza runs into the open camp. ELIZA Finally! It stopped.

9108 final pickups 9/14/97

Debbie SHAKES an empty shampoo bottle.

9108 final pickups


DEBBIE Somebody used the last of my two-in-one organic shampoo and conditioner.

Eliza gives Darwin an accusing stare--catching him admiring and stroking his lustrous fur. He sees her and slinks backward self-consciously. Eliza climbs into the Bosun’s chair.

ELIZA (sotto) C’‘mon, Darwin, pull me up.

Darwin gives the rope a tug, like a bell ringer. The chair immediately bounces into the air. Eliza GIGGLES with delight. When the chair bounces back down, an uneasy Darwin is pulled up along with the rope.


Nigel takes the empty bottle of shampoo and scans the back. Behind him, unnoticed by him or Marianne, Eliza and Darwin are dropping IN and OUT OF FRAME, on the chair and rope, respectively. Darwin looks unhappy, but Eliza is having a great time.


May I? Thank you, Debbie.

(reading) Passion flower, Brazil nut, chamomile. Why Debbie! You're not out of shampoo! All these ingredients come from the rainforest. They're all right here. Why an intrepid teen with a thirst for adventure, and guide to local plants...

In the background, Donnie notices what Darwin is doing and instinctively mimics Darwin’s actions, tugging on Darwin's end of the rope as Darwin comes down. Darwin goes up, Donnie leaps onto Darwin, HOOTING.

MARIANNE (to Debbie) We'll pick you up another bottle when we get to Manaus (pronounced Mah-NOW) .

Debbie’s jaw drops with supreme offense. She moves to the Commvee and speaks from the open door.

9108 final pickups 9/15/97


ELIZA (clearly disappointed, exiting the chair) Okay.

9108 final pickups 9/14/97


ELIZA (CONT. ) (climbing) I can get into the canopy on this! C’mon Darwin, we don’t need ropes and chairs. It’s just climbing trees. “a

9108 final pickups 9/14/97

Donnie runs to a spot beneath the vine. He CHITTERS, CLAPPING as Eliza stops on the vine. Suddenly Eliza loses her hold on the vine. She reaches for a tree limb, but misses.

Eliza FALLS the five or six feet to the muddy ground. She lands on her butt. Donnie LEAPS out of the way as she does, and lands in the middle of a mud puddle. Looking at the mud- covered Donnie, Eliza starts to LAUGH. Darwin also finds Donnie funny, but stifles his laughter.

DARWIN (stifling laughter) That's really not funny.

ELIZA Yes it is.

DARWIN I know. |

Darwin LAUGHS explosively. Then stops almost immediately as if he has startled himself.

Suddenly, TINY LAUGHTER can be heard from the trees above them. Eliza looks up curiously, and the LAUGHTER STOPS. She is fascinated. As Eliza stands she continues combing the seemingly empty canopy with her eyes. Not paying attention to the muddy ground beneath her.

ELIZA (calling out) Hello?

Nothing. Then, behind her, Eliza hears the SLIGHTEST STIFLED MARMOSET GIGGLE. She spins quickly, hoping to catch sight of the animal. As she spins Eliza loses her balance and slips

in the mud. She falls back into the mud and the LAUGHTER EXPLODES AGAIN from the trees.

ELIZA (laughing, calling) Hey! Come down here. It's all right.

After a beat Eliza is engulfed in a rain of falling MARMOSETS. As they hit the ground they SKITTER to various "safe" spots. Then a single MARMOSET with a distinctive coloring, comes sliding down the vine. Eliza watches him come and then greets him.

9108 final pickups ) 9/14/97

The Marmoset, TUKU, starts the vine swinging as he pulls himself upside down. He speaks with a STRAINED, INTENSE, MANIC ENERGY.

TUKU ¥ I’m Tuku. Drip-drop, drip-drop waiting for the rain to stop.

ELIZA (seeing similarity) Yeah! I was inside the Commvee. I thought I was gonna explode!

TUKU What's explode?!

ELIZA (growing excitement) Go BOOM!

For a moment the marmosets don’t know what Eliza is all about, but then they recognize her enthusiasm and begin literally to go “Boom!"


A huge number of marmosets come out of their hiding places as the air fills with their CHANT. Eliza joins in. And we can see Donnie is standing and capering with the CHANTING Marmosets.

Darwin watches, askance. A tiny Marmoset appears at his shoulder and shouts BOOM! Darwin reacts with surprise and quickly grabs the monkey by the scruff of the neck and pulls him off his back. He places the little critter on a branch as if disposing unpleasant refuse.

Fliza now stands with Tuku on her hand as all CHANT (except Darwin).

ALL Boom! Boom! Boom!

REVEAL the wide circle of marmosets around Eliza and Tuku, with even more marmosets scampering eagerly out of the forest towards Eliza. Eliza looks around surprised, then pleased, to see the magnitude of her audience. As the marmosets CHANT, they JUMP UP AND DOWN, SPLASHING mud. Eliza LAUGHS as she dodges a flying dollop of mud.


9108 final pickups 9/14/97

. a”

AcT II EXT. CANOPY - A LITTLE LATER ESTABLISHING SHOT of Marianne and Nigel up in the trees. Marianne is sitting on a branch. Nigel's legs step into frame. He’s standing on the branch that she’s sitting on.

NIGEL (0.S.) (Singsong) Marianne. Quickly! Come see. 9/14/97

9108 final pickups


MARIANNE Is it the spider?...

She moves toward him quickly. As he reaches into the foliage. ies

NIGEL No, it's a rat.

Nigel comes up holding a rat by the tail. Marianne moves back a little grossed out.

NIGEL You should have seen him, Marianne, he was scurrying through the canopy absolutely panicked!

MARIANNE And you decided to stop him.


Goodness, Marianne, you're right.. Not much of a naturalist am I? Plucking this animal up off the branch. Heaven knows what I’ve disrupted--what with the delicate balance of nature.

MARIANNE You could just set him back down.

NIGEL Set him back down! Of course. Oh, Marianne! Well played.

He sets down the rat.

NIGEL Off you go!

Marianne watches the rat, then turns to her husband.

MARIANNE Now, how about that spider?

NIGEL Right!


CLOSE ON: The open plant identification book. We see a rendering of brazil nuts. We pull back to see Debbie's determined face move from the picture to an identical bunch of nuts hanging below her in a tree she has climbed.

9108 final pickups 9/14/97


With audible STRAINED BREATHING, Debbie shimmies out onto the branch. With one hand on the branch and another on the book, she makes it to the nuts and then letting go with her hand reaches down and grabs a handful.

DEBBIE (certain) This is going to be sooooo easy.

With that Debbie loses her balance and FLIPS around so she is hanging upside down on the branch.

DEBBIE Oh, man.

Her legs slip from the tree and she falls out of frame. We hear a THUD.


TWO MARMOSETS grab each other’s “ankles” .and roll themselves - acrobat style - toward a pyramid of cans set up on the ground. Eliza stands next to the cans as the two marmosets CRASH into them, like a simian bowling ball.

ELIZA That was great! Can I try?

BORNO Mish-mash! Mish-mash. You can make the cans go crash! Crash crash crash.

PIPO Crash crash.

Other marmosets have set up the cans. Eliza runs to a spota few feet away and then runs directly toward the cans.

Putting on the breaks with ten feet to go she SLIDES violently (although on her feet), sending up a plume of mud. She CRASHES into the cans with some force. Setting off the Marmosets into a DISSONANT CHANT.

MARMOSETS (arrhythmic) Mish-mash/crish-crash!

Eliza holds up her arms above her head in a semi-serious display of success. Tuku is standing on the picnic table. He HOOTS encouragement and CLAPS. Donnie is excited. He runs around, picking up the cans and setting up about four ina stack. Then, HOOTING DELIRIOUSLY, Donnie does a flying forward roll into the cans. Tuku CLAPS and HOOTS at Donnie.

9108 final pickups 9/14/97


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9108 final pickups 9/14/97


ELIZA Slide and glide?

Tuku picks up a plate that lies on the ground. He takes a running start and holding it like a sled, throws himself onto the ground and SPINS, yelling.


The Rainforest is quiet for a moment, and then WINDED and DESPERATE, Debbie PARTS THE FOLIAGE and steps into frame. She already has an armload of nuts and flowers, and looks a little battered. She stops, and SNIFFING the air.

DEBBIE Chamomile...

Debbie whips her head around.

DEBBIE'S POV of the plant on the other side of a steep, narrow creekbed. She steps to the edge of the five foot drop-off, and stares at the Chamomile plant on the other side. She stares at it and thinks. Slowly she raises her hand to her face showing the depth of her thought. Then an idea dawns on her.


I got it.

We see her turn her head and look back the way she came, now the picture of self-assurance. Then, with BARELY TIME TO SHOUT, the bank gives way beneath her and she slips out of frame. She SQUISHES/SPLASHES to the bottom. After a moment a hand reaches out of the creekbed and tears a few blossoms off the Chamomile plant.


Nigel and Marianne work their way along the uppermost reaches of the canopy, GRUNTING, like two people bent against a low ceiling. Nigel stops for a moment and then pokes his head through the canopy. Marianne watches and waits, then Nigel calls out.

NIGEL (0O.S.) Marianne, quickly! Come see!

9108 final pickups 9/15/97


Marianne shoulders her camera and pushes up through the canopy.


Marianne rolls tape, Behind him the canopy spreads like an endless carpet of greenery.

From her camera’s EXTREME CLOSE-UP POV see only giant leaves. As she looks around for the spider she expected to find, she calls out to her husband.

MARIANNE (0.S.) Nigel? Nigel? Where’s the Spider? Didn't you find the spider?

She turns the camera until Nigel’s gigantic eyeball fills the frame. Then slowly, the frame is darkened as a giant bug crawls into frame.

Slowly Marianne lowers the camera. Nigel rests his head against the canopy, watching a caterpillar.

MARIANNE A caterpillar?

NIGEL (thrilled) Yes! Inching along like the world is afire. Look at him go! A regular lightning bolt-- that is as far as caterpillars go.

MARIANNE Caterpillars.

Nigel has he head down against the canopy. He watches the caterpillar with endless fascination.


We see the wet, muddy ground and hear the SLOSHING. Eliza comes spinning into frame on a trash-can lid--SLIDING through frame, SCREAMING WITH JOY. REVEAL all of the marmosets clustered near where she ends up, watching her with fascination. Eliza’s glasses go flying as she spins. She gets up, muddy and weaving like a drunken man.


(totally excited/loud) That ROCKED.

9108 final pickups 9/15/97


Borno looks at the marmosets as Eliza swings. He calls to them to get their attention off of Eliza.

BORNO 3 Tower time! Tower time! Tower time!

9108 final pickups 9/14/97


feet she realizes they are now across camp, picking up anything they can carry. They are stacking items in the middle of camp. Following the marmosets’ lead, Eliza

immediately grabs the first item she sees -- an ice chest -- and carries it over to them. Tuku stops and looks at her. TUKU

Tower time! Pipo and Borno are carrying a computer keyboard. It is still connected to a mouse, which is carried by a third Marmoset, who is lagging comically. Borno hears

Eliza and turns back, shouting.

Following the marmosets’ lead, Eliza immediately grabs the first item she sees -- an ice chest -- and carries it over to them. Tuku stops and looks at her.

| PIPO/BORNO Tower time!

ELIZA (totally into it) Tower time!

The chorus of marmosets responds.

MARMOSETS/ELIZA Tower time! Tower time!

Eliza is now completely take up in the mania. She is finding

things --including the picnic table that they are es up in the middle of the camp.

9108 final pickups 9/14/97


Eliza is rushing with the others, carrying items from camp and out of the Commvee. The stack of items is growing. Donnie rushes around, CHITTERING enthusiastically. He stands in the midst of the marmosets and points towards the stack, as if he’s directing traffic.*. The marmosets sidestep him and keep building. Eliza stops long enough to speak to Tuku.

ELIZA (excited) What’s the tower for?

TUKU Crash.

Borno runs by with a plate.

BORNO Smash!


Build it big then knock it down. And everything falls to the ground.

9108 final pickups 9/14/97


Eliza is carrying a large framed picture of the family, (it is years old and they are all much younger--Debbie, ironically somewhat resembles Eliza). She realizes that stacking everything into a pile and pushing it over isn’t that great an idea. At the moment she is reconsidering, a group of marmosets run by carrying Donnie. He is HOOTING HAPPILY.

ELIZA Hey, wait --

The marmosets carry Donnie over to the “tower” and are trying to put him on the top. As they struggle to climb up and place Donnie, the marmosets jostle him carelessly. Donnie looks scared. He starts to CRY.

ELIZA (alarmed) Stop it!

TUKU No! No stop! (then shouting) Knock it down, fall to ground!

MARMOSETS (chanting) | Knock it down, fall to ground!


Eliza races to the tower and manages to grab Donnie away from the marmosets. Donnie scrambles onto her back and hangs on, frightened.

ELIZA | (furious, to the marmosets) That’s enough!

TUKU No! Let’s not stop. Boy on top!

9108 final pickups 9/14/97


Slowly the marmosets begins to CHANT. One voice quickly builds into many. |

Slowly we drift in on Eliza’s horrified face as she fe sees the Marmosets as they really are. END OF ACT II an ACT III A Eliza is backing away from the Marmosets. They’ re

CHANTING continues. ISSA ek Tuku signals to the marmosets, and they rush Eliza. She

looks around, panicked. Still holding Donnie she LEAPS into

the air and clears the oncoming Marmosets. She backs up, . pulling Donnie along. She runs past the hiding Darwin’ y and grabs him without hesitation, clearly indicating a that his camouflage hasn’t worked.

We see that they've formed-an-angry phalanx and YELLING like a mob, are moving toward Eliza, Darwin and Donnie. The

9108 final pickups 9/14/97


Commvee lies on the other side of the line of Marmosets.

DARWEN ‘Sk ew iS sew


BEBE Fottew-me-

Eliza RUNS. After a beat Darwin and Donnie follow. Just short of the Marmosets she leaps into the air and SLIDES along the muddy ground followed by Darwin and Donnie. They cut a swath through the Marmosets stopping near the “tower.” With the CHITTERING marmosets headed their direction, Eliza dismantles the stack of stuff and loads up Darwin and Donnie.

They begin to run, loaded down like Christmas shoppers. They miraculously fit through the doors of the Commvee. And blindly, with one hand Eliza SLAMS the door shut behind her. INT. COMMVEE - CONTINUOUS

For a moment no one moves. All that we hear is Eliza's BREATHING. We can hear the marmosets CHITTERING outside.

ELIZA (panicked, commanding) Close the windows!

ANGLE ON Darwin slamming down a window an instant before a gang of marmosets enter.

DARWIN (breathing hard) I...don’

Darwin turns to face Eliza, but sees something on the Commvee table and SHOUTS in shock.

ZOOM IN on the source of Darwin’s terror: On the center of the table is a single marmoset. In its upraised hand is a steel spoon. We hear HIGH-PITCHED VIOLIN STINGS.

ANGLE ON Eliza, Donnie and Darwin as they SCREAM.


Debbie, muddy and disheveled, checks her book, then eagerly looks around. Debbie spots a vine of passion flowers.

DEBBIE (V.O.) Passion flowers, cool. And nothing to climb.

9108 final pickups 9/14/97


CLOSE ANGLE ON the flower which we now see carries three bees.

ANGLE ON Debbie as she puts the flower in her pocket, along with the bees. |

DEBBIE (CONT'D) This is getting easier and easier.

Debbie, happily continues on her way. As she walks we hear BUZZING. Debbie looks around to see where it's coming from. The bees start attacking Debbie through her pockets.


She jumps and dances around smacking at her pants as she YELLS OUT.


Eliza holds the marmoset aloft by the bowl of the spoon. Darwin quickly opens a window...Eliza drops the marmoset outside...then Darwin slams the window shut. Eliza covers the window with silver duct every other possible beach in the Commvee's security. Darwin squats nervously in the middle of the floor, shaking. Now we hear the sound of SCRAMBLING - a million little feet SCURRYING NEARBY. Eliza and Darwin strain to listen.

The SCURRYING grows louder.

DARWIN Oh, no...we sealed everything... where are they coming from?

ELIZA Listen! The sound, it’s coming.. (a dread understanding) ..from inside the Commvee!

All look up, down and around...then Eliza points.

ELIZA The vents!

CLOSE UP of one of the Commvee’s vents - they were never sealed with tape. The screws holding the vent plate to the wall SPIN as they mysteriously UNSCREW. A screw FALLS to the floor.

9108 final pickups 9/14/97


NIGEL (remembering) Oh wasn’t that just so much fun? You really should try it. _

Nigel shimmies out onto the rope. Marianne watches her husband with a smile and then turns to the spider. As she begins to tape, Darwin scrambles directly into her viewfinder. She SHOUTS as he SCREAMS directly into camera. She lowers her camera to see Darwin jumping up and down and pointing down toward Debbie and Eliza.


Marianne follows Darwin's point through an opening in the canopy. Through the leaves and branches she can see Debbie running, panicked. Her SCREAM is barely audible.


Nigel follows Marianne and Darwin's pointing fingers. He finally sees Debbie disappearing into the distance.

NIGEL Oh, my.

MARIANNE We have to get Debbie.

She starts climbing down.

NIGEL And so we shall! C'mon!

Nigel CLIPS into a rope that runs horizontally to a tree some distance away, He lets go of the tree they are in and SLIDES down the slight incline to the next tree.

Marianne CLIPS IN to the rope and SLIDES after Nigel.

Darwin relaxes for a beat, then looks down. Realizing how high he is, he panics. He begins to shake, his feet frozen in place. He grabs a hold of a branch and hangs on for dear life.

Slowly the bird eating spider crawls onto the branch in front of Darwin's closed eyes. It gingerly lifts one hairy leg and sets it on Darwin's nose.

9108 final pickups 9/14/97


Darwin feels the touch of the spider and opening his eyes, SCREAMS and rockets down the tree.

9108 final pickups 9/14/97



Debbie, jumps over rocks in her path, dodges trees, and pushes through bushes as the marmosets don't let up. Eliza races past the marmosets, catching up: to Debbie. During the following conversation, Debbie and Eliza are H

UFFING and PUFFING so much they can barely breathe.

ELIZA Debbie.

DEBBIE (urgent/out of patience) Eliza! Why am I being chased by tiny monkeys?

ELIZA They want to eat that stuff you put in your hair.


That is really gross.

The girls reach the banks of a fast moving river, FLOWING behind them.

DEBBIE (CONT'D) Now what?

Donnie catches up to them. He's jumping up and down.

DONNIE Skitter....skitter...skitter...

DEBBIE'S POV of the marmosets moving toward them--in the trees, on the ground, everywhere--CHITTERING insanely.

As the marmosets get even closer, Donnie panics. He CLIMBS onto Debbie and sitting on her shoulders, hides behind her head.

DEBBIE (irritated) Donnie, stop it.

Still CHITTERING, Donnie PULLS a handful of goo from Debbie's head and hurls it at one of the marmosets.

The goo hits the ground with a SPLAT. The marmosets leap on it and DEVOUR it all ina split second.

9108 final pickups 9/15/97


DEBBIE (CONT’D) They're going to eat my head!

9108 final pickups 9/15/97


Debbie breathes a SIGH of relief. Behind them, Nigel DESCENDS quickly into the scene, sitting in his bosun's chair.

NIGEL Hello, girls

Eliza and Debbie are startled. Debbie GASPS and falls backward into the river. Nigel catches her by her belt as her head SPLASHES into the water. Nigel pulls her to safety he SNIFFS her hair.

NIGEL (CONT'D) Everyone all right?

DEBBIE (sputtering) Yeah. ELIZA Yeah. NIGEL

Well, I must say, your mother and I hada fascinating sojourn into the canopy. Eliza, I’m sorry you couldn’t share in the excitement.

ELIZA (wearily) It’s really okay, Dad.

NIGEL Well put. Well, now that the rain has stopped, what say we spend another day here?



Debbie is BRUSHING out her now-dry hair. Debbie's hair is notably more lustrous and manageable. Nigel and Marianne are folding the picnic table in the now cleaned-up camp. Eliza is putting the cap on the bottle of oil.

MARIANNE C'mon girls, let's roll.

As Debbie heads for the camper, she hears a CLANGING noise, which draws her attention to Donnie. He sits on the ground with the pot back on his head, BEATING on it merrily with a spoon. Debbie grabs his free hand and pulls him along.

9108 final pickups 9/15/97


DEBBIE (sarcastic) Come on, Weed, I'd be crushed if we left you behind. | Still CLANGING the pot with the spoon he follows Debbie.Darwin comes out of the jungle carrying some fruits and flowers. ELIZA What's that for?

DARWIN I thought if I wasn't going to be allowed to use Debbie's shampoo, I might make my own.

ELIZA That’s a good idea. I‘1ll bet some of those marmosets are still HUNGRY.

Darwin starts to shake...then CHUCKS the stuff as far as he can and runs to the Commvee, followed by Eliza.

The enter the Commvee and the door SLAMS behind them. After a beat the engine roars to life and the Commvee begins to rumble away. The camper slowly drives away. As it goes we see Eliza and Darwin still looking out the window.


The jungle is empty--but only for a moment. Then we hear PANICKED BREATHING. Tuku runs into frame like a fugitive. We can see he is still covered with globs of goo. He hides behind a small plant, crouching as a group of CHITTERING Marmosets come running by.

Satisfied they are gone, he steps cautiously out from behind | the plant. Immediately we hear SCREECHES of recognition from the other Marmosets. Tuku does a PANICKED TAKE and begins to run the other way. A moment later he is followed through frame by the CHITTERING marmosets.


9108 final pickups 9/15/97