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The American Biterary Gazette and Pudlishers’ Circular.

R. [ESTABLISHED 1852] PUBLICATION OFFICE, 31 AND 32 PARK Row, New York, igh ts Entered at the Post-Office at New York, N. Y., as second-class matter. ovelty , ae Vor. XXX., No. 17. NEW YORK, October 23, 1886. WHOLE No. 769. | thei ‘ian ; Ready about November st. The ¥ ; : y rUnt7 ~ ‘’ ~ Y 4 [ , aie : t active : OR, lhe | rinted



Gath.” Katy of Catoctin” is a stirring national romance, opening with the raid of John Brown at Harper’s Ferry and closing with the death of Lincoln. It is a picturesque and romantic story, partly historical and partly domestic, full of dramatic incidents, makes and marked by vivid delineations of character.

duced, photo

12mo, cloth, 567 pages, $1.50.

ee An Illustrated Edition of Ela.

ildren. lliams,




1d and T = ; y : ;

a WitH OVER ONE Hunprep ILLusrrations By C. O. Murray.


a Crown 8vo, cloth extra, $2.00.

An exquisite edition of the best-known Essays of Elia, graphically illustrated pen-and-ink drawings. ‘houla

D. APPLETON & CO., Publishers, New York.

Oct. 23, °86 [No. 769]. The Publishers’ Week. 579

wn ~I oo

The Publishers’ Weekly. | Vo. 769] Oct. 23, "86, STILL ANOTHER Chatterbox Injunction.


Upon reading the hereto annexed affidavits, copy of Bill of Complaint here. in, and on motion of G. G. Frelinghuysen, Esq., counsel for complainants, it js hereby ordered that the defendants, Frank Leslie, The American News Company, and Patrick Farrelly, or their solicitors, show cause before me or one of the Judges of this Court at chambers thereof in the Post-Office Building, in the City of New York, on Friday, the 15th day of October, 1886, at 11 o’clock in the forenoon of that day or as soon thereafter as counsel can be heard, why an injunction should not be issued command. ing and enjoining the said Frank Leslie, The American News Company, a corporation,

and Patrick Farrelly, and each of them, their and each of their attorneys, agents, clerks, servants, workmen, and the officers, agents, attorneys, clerks, servants, workmen of said corporation, and any and all persons claiming or holding under or through them, or either of them, to desist from printing, stamping, marking, attaching, or affixing said name or word “* CHATTERBOOK in or upon books of a juvenile character of the general appearance, style, and manner of cover and styles of printing which are upo complainants’ said books, referred to in the Billof Complaint filed in this suit, and from simulating the appearance and style of printing of the complainants’ Chatterbox,” and from selling, offering for sale, and from presenting to the public juvenile publica tions, printed in such style and in such manner as to lead the public to believe that t are the publications of the complainants.

And it is further ordered that the said defendants, Frank Leslie, The America News Company, and Patrick Farrelly, their and each of their attorneys, agents, clerks, servants, workmen, and the officers, agents, attorneys, clerks, servants and workmen ot said corporation, and each of them, be enjoined and restrained, and are hereby forbid- den to suffer or commit any of said acts until the further order of this Court.

That service of this order on or before October 12, 1886, be sufficient. Dated Oct. 11, 1886. W. J. WALLACE

We therefore again issue our


We hereby caution you against buying or selling any book bearing the name “Chatter- box,” either alene or in combination with other words, excepting those with our imprint, or marked as sold under our license, as the United States Courts have repeatedly confirmed our exclusive right to this word as a trademark, and ALL INFRINGERS, whether PUBLISHERS or DEALERS, WILL BE PROSECUTED.

ESTES & LAURIAT, Publishers; Boston, Mass.

580 The Publishers’ IVeekly. | Vo. 769| Oct. 22 Or *" @ Fy, Of

Oct. 23, 86 [ Vo. 769]. The Publishers’ Weekv. 579


The pretence of Esres & Laurtar that they have obtained the injunction of the United States Circuit Court against any publication with the word “Chatterbox” has imposed upon the public long enough.

The injunction they did obtain was in these words: “It is also further adjudged and decreed that a perpetual injunction be issued in this suit against the said defendants, BELFORD, CLARKE & CO., re- straining them, . .°. their servants, . . . and all persons claiming or holding under or through them, or either of them, from it is printing, stamping, marking, attaching, or afhxing said name or word = ‘Chatterbox’ in or upon books of a juvenile character OF THE - GENERAL APPEARANCE, STYLE, AND MANNER OF | COVER AND STYLE OF PRINTING WHICH ARE UPON and. fF THE COMPLAINANTS’ SAID BOOKS, . . . and from Hon, simulating the appearance and style of printing of the complainants’ ‘Chatterbox ;’ and from selling, offering for sale, and from presenting to the public juvenile publications printed IN SUCH STYLE, and with the use of the title ‘Chatterbox,’ IN SUCH MANNER as to lead the "the public to believe that they are the publications of the complainants.” 1po Precisely the same injunction was granted against FRANK LEs.LIg,

nd no other or different one has ever been obtained by them.

| My books do not resemble in any of the respects mentioned ih s . the publications of Esres & LAurRIAT.

| | That the public may know what kind of men Estes & LAuRIAT rica are, I give the following extract from the testimony of Mr. EstTes

erks, in their suit against me :

rbid- Cross-Interrogatory No. 22 Was not the REPRINT of the “Chatterbox” of 1878 MADE BY YOU in a form CALCULATED TO DECEIVE THE PUBLIC? Ans, Upon reflection I should say it undoubtedly was. Cross-Int. 228. And was so intended ? s Ans, YES. . a

Judge Wallace on January 5, 1885, refused to grant any injune

ler- . : é

ul, or tion against my publications containing the word ‘“ Chatterbox” as tial part of the title.

ther See his opinion in 22 Federal Reporter, p. 823.

R. WORTHINCTON, 747 Broadway, N. Y.

Oct. 23, 86 [ Vo. 769]. The Publishers’ Weekly. cSt



The Publishers’ Weekly.

[ Vo. 769| Oct. 23, 86.



Great Masters of Russian Literature. Dupuy.

By ERNEsS1 Sketches of the Life and

Works of GoGoL, TURGENIEF, ToLstor. With Portraits. Translated by NATHAN HASKELL DOLE. 1I2mo, $1.25.

Taras Bulba.

By NikoLar V. GoGoL. uthor. 12mo, $1.00.

With Portrait of the

“For grandeur, simplicity of conception, and superb- ness of description can hardly be equalled.’"—.\V. ¥. 77”

St. John’s Eve.

By NIKOLAlI V. GOGOL, author of Taras Bulba.” 12mo, cloth, $1.25.


A selection of stories from ‘‘ Evenings at the Farm” and ‘“‘St. Petersburg Stories,’ showing the marvellous style and wild grace and flavor of this remarkable author.

Childhood, Boyhood, Youth.

By Count Lyor N. Totsro1. the Author. 12mo, $1.50.

““There is no question that he is the greatest of living Russian authors.’’—Chronicle, San Francisco.

With Portrait of


The Labor Movement in

America. By Prof. Ricuarp T. ELy. This book is the result of several years’ work on the art of Prof. Ely, who is an acknowledged authority, both in Europe and America, on economic and social topics. It is the most complete historical sketch yet published of the origin and growth both of Socialism and of labor or- ganizations. No pains have been spared to secure accu- racy. Professor Ely has collected for years books, pam- hiets, labor newspapers,constitutions of trades-unions,and ike material, with this in view; and, during the prepara- tion of this book, he has travelled several thousand miles, visiting Communistic settlements and leading industrial centres, and forming the acquaintances of labor leaders. His picture of the present condition of the labor move ment may be relied upon as taken from life.

12mo, $1.50.

Meditations of a Parish Priest.


‘“ These Thoughts’ have caused a perfect excitement of enthusiasm in France among thinkers the most various, all of whom, with one accord, have done homage to the little book, whose richness of first-hand thoughts has equally charmed and amazed them.

12mo, cloth, gilt

Hblacrwood s

Silent Times.

A Book to HELP IN READING THE BIBLE INTO LirE. By Rev. J. R. MiL_er, D.D. 12mo, cloth, gilt top, $1.25.

j ° alge.

THOMAS Y. CROWELL & GO., Publishers, 13 Astor Place, New York

582 The Publishers’ Weerly.


SUITABLE BOOKS for the YOUNG Stories from Life.

By SARAH K. Boron, author of Poor | Who Became Famous,” “Girls Who |] Famous,” etc. 1r2mo, $1.25.

30Vs eseeeans »eCame

A collection of Mrs. Bolton’s bright and entertainin short stories, which inculcate good moral lessons and hit off many of the follies and shams of the present day

Girls Who Became Famous.

By SARAH K. BOLTON, author of Poor Boys Who Became Famous.” With Portraits oj Mrs. Stowe, Helen Hunt, Miss Alcott, and oiher not d women. 12mo, cloth, $1.50.

In Perils Oft.

By W. H. DAVENPORT illustrated, $1.50.


ADAMS. I2mo, fully

A book of daring adventures and heroic deeds, by soldiers, sailors, travellers, and men of renown, in various parts of the world; being incidents in the lives of suct men as Sir Sidney Smith, Earl of Dundonald, Arminius, Vambéry, Joseph Wolff, Lieutenant Schwatka, Sir Samu Baker, W. G. Palgrave, Professor Palmer, General Gor don, and others.

The Riverside Museum.

By the Club.”

author of ‘*‘ Birchwood” and “Fitch

12mo, cloth, $1.25.


The Marquis of Penalta.




‘* The literature is delightful ; full of charming humor tender pathos, the liveliest sympathy with nature, t keenest knowledge of human nature, and a style whos charm makes itself felt through the shadows of a strangt speech. It is the story of two sisters—daughters 0! t chief family in a Spanish seaport city. Maria, who passes from the romance of literature to the romance of religion, and abandons home, father, and lover, to become tx spouse of Heaven; and Marta, who remains to consok all these for her loss. Wedo not remember a character more finely studied than that of Maria. But Marta Marta is delicious! Nothing could be lovelier than the portrayal of this girl's affection for her father and mother, and of the tenderness that insensibly grows up betwee! her and her sister’s lover, left step by step in the lurch 5) the intending bride of Heaven. ' 5

‘* A sketch of the story gives no idea of its situations, © what is more difficult and important, the atmosphere 0! reality in which it moves. The whole social life of the quiet town is skilfully suggested, and an abundance figures pass before us, all graphically drawn, none touched with weakness or exaggeration.”

| Vo. 769] Océ. 23, 86,


: 3 % :


OVS ime


1 hit

sOVs , of



umMorT whe st rangt nf the passes igion le te ynsole racter arta- an the other, tween


C h DY ns, OF ere Ol ot the

nce ol yuched

Oct. 23, 86 [| Ne. 769].

fhe Wnblishers’ Geckly.

OCTOBER 23, 1886.

$18 oo One page... ssseceeeeeeeeeeneeerereeees H lf page cases eeens ° ee ecere . 10 00 aii as . Quarter page 6 00 Eighth page...+.---seeceeeccecercrersrcreesoaces 4 00 Per line eee seeee ceoecesesesooeces 10 Special positions, $5 per page extra. Applications for onan ial pages Will be honored in order of receipt. \ deduction of $3 per page for standing matter. ages y ve-insertion must be ordered kept sta nding. secial rates for yearly or other contracts. One year, postage prepaid.......... . .$3 20 fhree months, postage prepaid............. PE TO en Single copies, 8 cents; postpaid, ro cents. Address P. O. Box 943, N. Y. —_ PuBLICATION OFFICE, 3r & 32 Park Row, N.Y.


ill Announcement Number, Sept. 25. iglish Books, July 10; July 24; July 31; jucational number, July 17. Index to June Books, July 3. 2

rust Books, Sept. 4.

Fe E Sept. 4. |

July Books, Aug. 7.—Au- September Books, Oct. 2.

INDEX TO ADVERTISERS. PAGI Appleton (D.) & Co. a. » ieee ra wien ae Bates (CRM: Alto. cc cseededencecunseanednaunn ... 602 Boots fot SA ck iacie dsc po cdaesadiad bi itwes ee a remeaeras 595

Books Wanted

COCEOCH OCC EHR Cee EHO SHE OS OSSEEEES 5904 Burrows Bros. Co. (The)... ir a eal i al es Crowell (2 OE Fe Os cio ieee Rne aoe eavaeacwes 580 Dillingham (Chas. T.)...... gi eee ata ws ion 120 Doveat (4.) @ GG... ise cacverecns pea de ae, Eihantanhn - 505 Estes & Lauriat......... sationiera*aighaia an Griggs (S. C.) & Co . csaeewa Hor HATES Cb DON, 63 attics «+ wadvauen aaa wane Holman (A. J.) & Co.....e- <a, wah hea -+ 599 Keyser (Wm. H.) & Co...... 505 LuysterthA.. Laiccscadcuncs tonne eee ee an oe National School of Elocution and Oratory. initia’ 601 Nims & Knight........ 2 i UR Ae at ' . 602 Presbyterian Board of Publication .. dete asd edews ND Ss hedler (].) TEeTY cir. eT Tee CT ee ox SUUCMCNIE WR MNEIEIN Sc o5 saabnc da chaieees bs <5 cue 505 Special Notices. . chee ‘eee es © ecessee ose 595 ieiont (0) GG isc ccd weeds <a Oe een .. 602 Trade Cards a Sil earl ch alata ie Vail (J. H.) & Co.... wan : Latidae aku ae te ae Wagenfihr (Chas.) oe ee ta enh aoe, -. 5Q5 Weedon (W. J.) sca asap cies Megiear eee es dea éuxe eee Wiley (John) & Sons i tisie whe? «Oe amin . Bane a Worthington (R.) Company ... ........ 579, 59®, 597


Ci \RLES SCRIBNER’S SONs have in press another 00OK lor young people entitled Prince Peer- ess: A Fairy Folk Story-Book,” by Hon. Mar- garet Collier. It will be illustrated by Mr. John Collier, the author’s brother, the famous English painter, whose recent portrait of Miss Huxley was heralded with so much praise. F

CuppLes, UpHam & Co. have in preparation a new edition of ‘* Ralph Waldo Emerson, his ma- ternal ancestors, with some reminiscences of him, by his relative, David Greene Haskins, printed in large type and illustrated with silhou-

€tte portraits. The first edition isall sold. They |

have nearly ready “Two Comedies,” by F. Don- aldson : Jr., of Baltimore, Md. They are entitled An Ill Wind” and “An Abject Apology.”

ane APPLETON & Co. will have ready about November Ist a national romance by Geo. Alfred Townsend, called Katy of Catoctin,” beginning with the raid of John Brown at Harper's Ferry, and bringing in picturesque, romantic, historical,

Oct. 23, 86 [We. 769].


oS ew? ss eS wo

The Publishers’ Weekly.

The Publishers’ Weekly.

581 domestic, and dramatic incidents of the eventful years between that raid and the death of Lincoln; and an exquisite edition of the best known Es- says of Elia,” with over one hundred wood-cut il- lustrations, the work of Mr. Charles O. Murray, who did such clever work in illustrating Addison’s ‘‘Sir Roger de Coverley,” some two years since. SCRIBNER & WELFORD have just ready a fine volume of interest to Americans, in ‘“ Memo- rials of Washington and of Mary his Mother, and Martha his Wife, from letters and papers of Robert Cary and James Sharples,’ by Major James Walter. The volume is illustrated with portraits in autotype of Washington and his wife, of seven prominent American women of the pe- riod, and of Priestly, from paintings by Sharples, the originals of which are now on exhibition at the rooms of the American Art Association, 6 E. Twenty-third Street, New York City; also a portrait of Mary Washington by Middleton.

Lee & SHEPARD have in preparation for early publication “‘ The Monarch of Dreams,” by Thos. Wentworth Higginson, a work which will attract attention for the reason that it indicates a rever- sion from the current realism to the more imagi- native school of Hawthorne. It is based on a careful study—perhaps through the Society for Psychical Research—of the phenomena of dream- ing. The hero, a lone man in a farm-house among the hills, is possessed with the ambition to connect his dreams and thus lead two separate ex- istences, and this he carries out with a success that ends in tragedy. It reminds the reader of Hawthorne in its style. They have also nearly ready ‘‘ Sketches of Western Life,” by Hon. Harvey Rice, of Cleveland, Ohio.

TicKNoR & Co. publish to-day ‘‘ Sonnets from the Portuguese,” by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, illustrated by Ludvig Sandoe Ipsen, in an oblong folio (13x16 inches) bound in cloth and tree calf. This magnificent work has been a labor of love with the artist for many years, he having lavished upon it all the resources of his imagination and skill. They have also just ready Stories of Art and Artists,” by Clara Erskine Clement, a profusely illustrated work, giving a complete résumé of the history of art, with accounts of the various schools, sketches and anecdotes of the great artists, with portraits and reproductions of their works; “Songs and Satires,” a volume of poems by James Jeffrey Roche, well known as acontributor of singularly original and delicate vers de société to Life and other periodicals; and Literary Curiosities,” edited by Henry M. Brooks, of Sa- lem, being vol. vi. of the the O/den-7ime Sertes. The publishers have now put up this popular se- ries in sets, in a handsome box containing the six volumes.


Mrs. JENNIE E. CROLy (‘ Jennie June”), it is reported, has resigned the editorship of Demeo- rest’s Magazine.

THE first chapters of William Black’s new story, ‘‘Sabina Zembra,” appeared in England on the oth of this month.

Ir is said that Miss Kathleen O’Meara, whose excellent series of articles on Madame Mohl were such a pleasant feature of the 4//antic last year, has placed the manuscript of a new novel in the hands of the Messrs. Harper, which they will publish very soon.

Larvreet R F. The touchstone of peril : a novel

1 RTT er eweet



582 The Publishers’ Weekly. | Vo. 769] Oce.


The abbreviations are usually se rl f-e rpl, fan ator) A colon aster tnitial designates the most usual LTveNn name as: A: Agustus; B: Benjamin; C: Charles; Di David; E: Edward; F: Frederic; G: George; H: H “aa Jsaac; J: John; L: Louis; N: Nicholas; P: Peter; R: Richard; S: Samuel; T: Thomas; W: William, °' ”’

Sizes are designated as follows: F.( Soli over 30 centimeters high); (Q. 4to: under 30cm.) ; O. (8x0: 2<¢m D. (12mt0 : 20 cm.) ; S. (160: 17! mt.) /. (247 15 cv.) Tt. (32000: 124% cm.); Fe. (48mo: 10 cn i nar., designate square, ohlong, narrow books of these heights. are Adams, W: T., [“Oliver Optic,” fsewd.| All alone. Phil., American Baptist Pub. Soc. 139;

taut; or, rigging the boat. Bost., Lee. & 287 p. D. cl., $1.25 ,

Shepard, 1887 [1886.| 339 boat-builder ser., no. 5.) cl., $1.25. Nearly all the a presented and all that take l.,

prominent parts in the story have been introduced in the | 5. ¢

ee ing volumes of the series. The principal of the | Brown, Siniiden, A bold stratagem

Jeech Hill Industrial School entertains some doubts in |

) P- il. S. (The *Brown, Rev. Howard N. A life of Jesus for 5 ae op as Bost., Estes & Laur


Tilat, ISS:

a ( omedy:

: ak date a iia oe Pig regard to the principle upon which he has been conduct- in three acts. Chi .. Dramatic Pub. Co.. [ 1886, | ing the institution, and brings about a partial change in 20 p. 1). (American amateur drama, n - 1.) pap its character—by making it partly reformatory—sti re Ee <. taining its useful features The subjects {f the new ey . 14 : :

' 3. FOI. i ) v } eavan : i periment are the povers, the bad characters of the st ry, Brydges, Hi au * \ fortni sht a h aven : an who become more tractable. The book is full of adventure inconventional romance. N. Y., H: Hy It & and incident Che work to be ne by the students is to Co., 1356. 5 177 Pp. D. cl., $1.26. rig a fore-and-ait schooner *‘ Heavy is but an advance on the earth we

“Alabama. Szfreme Court. Report of cases, | Mr. Grizzle is supposed to be possessed of a spiri ; . ble and can at at 10ment trave! through space at diaindae B84: } | ee ee a in ly 1 ough space D , ree +s ) W. Shepher St. Re r* | upon things in various worlds from different stand Foe i P Montgomery, J. White, 1886. His body gets into a trance on one occasion and hes 717 p. O. shp., $4.50. tive days mourned by his friends. When t a ae : oe . vives, it is found that although apparently only five *American (The) decisions: cont. the cases of ead, Mr. Grizzle’s soul has spent a whole fortnig general value me authority ; comp. and anno ven. This heaven is supposed to be located or ; , lanet Jupiter and Chicago to ke its ch y the tated by A. C. Freeman. V. 72, [1854-1859.! | ! ce ee ee +. signs AM t S 8 : " ae J rics ¢ modern itfe are discussed DY the giants of that re San | rancisco, RB: incrott- WI +f ney _O., 13a. gion and Socialism receiv s special attention and is ve 2h shp.. rather a failure ie book shows ingenuity 3 p. O. shp., $5. t Phe | je . a . , . most careiu 1ading 1 be understo ad. It SI *American etchings: a series of twenty original | yventio to call it 2 novel etchings by American artists ; with des« oo *Bulwer-Lytton, E: Rob., [ Zord Lytton; ¢ las 9 > ] . oo . > , le 4 *s d yu + ] text and biographical matter by S. R. Koehl “KE edith’) 7 ' ; ; wen Meredith. ucile. Cadir t. Bost 1d | S. Bost Est < v | +1) iat T8&<« Te it : j Li l i e | Shee and others. Bost., Estes & Lauriat, 1885. In| Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1886., $1; hi

. portfolio, S15.

Por ay Mrs. Marg. [‘‘ The Duchess,” /seud.] Lady Valworth’s diamonds. N. Y. ; Norman #

cf., $2; seal or tree cf., $3. Bunyan, |]: Grace abounding to the chief of sin- ners. N. Y., Cassell & Co., [1886.] 3-192 |

} . | « mro ire | > ro XY imro s ih owe = . ° i Munro, |! “J “5 P- »- Mu ro Ue, [. (Cassell’s national lib., no. 38.) pap., ro: no, OO1.) pap., 10 c, al . a ; : Burns, Rob. Poems. Cabinet . Bost * Arkansas. Supreme Court. Digest, by a, ee Hought in, Mifflin & Co., 1886., $1 Hopkins and E. R. Morgan. |1837-1884.] V. 2. cf., $2: seal or tree cf., $3. *S in N ills ae Co TS 12 Se x ry» r*y 1 7 ve nag a om a Nea *Buxton, Avzv. Wilmot. Parable sermons 25 ) } t}, wehlete ce f Sire ; . . LISS Pp. VV. SUP., ae Comprele 1 *, O15. children. N.Y., Ja. Pott & Co., 1886. D. cl. *Blunt, Stanhope E. _ Instructions in rifle and P1.25. ; I ; - : carbine firing. N. Y., C: Scribner’s Sons, 1886. | *Buxton, Av. Wilmot. The life of duty. N.Y. ). cl., se, $2. Ja. Pott & Co., 1886. 2v., met, $3. *Boston girl (A) at Boston, Bar Harbor, and | *Chester, A. H. Catalogue of minerals, alpha- Paris. Chic., and N. Y., Belford, Clarke & betic ally arranged, with their ¢ hemical compo- Co., 1886., $1. sition and synonyms. N. Y., J: Wiley &

Braddon, Miss M. E., [xow Mrs. ]: Maxwell.]| _50Ms, 1886. O. cl., $1.25. Mohawks, pt. 1. N.Y., G: Munro, [1886.] | Chester, J:, .D. Earthly watchers at the

3-224 p. S. (Seaside lib., pocket ed., no. 851.) heav enly gates; the false and the true spirit- pap., 20¢. ualism. Phil., Presb. Bd. of Pub., [1886

, 320 p., $1.15 Braddon, Miss M. E., -. Mrs. J: Maxwell. Dr. Chester's book, while showing much of the absurdity The octoroon. N. Y., J: W. Lovell Co., | of spiritualism, also aims to show the nobleness of tru


[ 1886. | 2+160p. S. (J ovell’s lib., no. 783.) Bible spiritualism, inasmuch as the Scriptures fully an-

; | swer all proper inquiries concerning the state of the dead; pap., IOC. | and the communion of saints through Christ and the H: Braeme, Charlotte M., | ‘* Bertha M. Clay,’ pseud.| | Spirit yields far more real comfort than could comet th oo in 7 a le N. Y. Norman j Mun any séance though communication were pose ne A true magdalen. Norman 1. UNTO, | tains a slight thread of story with a view to make the book [1886.] 24+313p. S. ( Munro's lib., no. 659.) | more popular.

pap., 20 C. *Child, Francis J., ed. Poems of religious sor-

*Brewer, A. T., amd Laubscher, G. A. Ohio! row, comfort, counsel, and aspiration. New ed. corporations other than municipal as authorized Bost., Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1886. S. cl., by the old and new constitutions and regulated $1.25.

by statute ; with notes of decisions and forms. | *Ghrist for to-day : international sermons by

ad ed., enl. Cin., Rob. Clarke & Co., 1886. eminent preachers of the church in England

14+429 p. O. shp., met, $3. and America. N. Y., Ja. Pott & Co., 1550 *Britts, Mattie Dyer. Chryssie ; or, standing 270 p. D. cl., $2.50.

*Jn this list, the titles generally are verbatim transc scriptio ns (according to the ‘rule of the American Librar Y 2 Association) Jrom Gooks received. Books not received are indicat dl by a pre fi xed aster ish, and this office cannot be held responsible for the correctness of their record. This list will be rep printed, verbatim, with all the notices of the books received, in the TRADE List ANNUAL.

oe , r

" 584 The Publishers’ Weekly. Sat 769 | Oct. 235 86. : running in transition curves Ni. 5. Ree #: is carried out throughout some beautiful landsc: apes, little Chek 2 i ae ei ee bird pictures. and exquisite flower designs F-

oh of


Cm.) + , 0b] aa

Ipha- mpo- y & t the pirit- Ssh.

urdity | true ly an- dead ; Holy rough Con- . book

} SOF- cc? ed.

bs Chey

s by rland


rican risk, nted,

Oct. 23, '86 [ Vo. 769).

*Church handy dictionary. N.Y., Ja. Pott &

Co., 1885. D. ei. 75 Cc.

Cicero, Marcus Tullius. Tusculan disputations ; tr., with an introduction and notes, by Andrew P. Peabody, Bost., Little, Brown & Co., 1886. 3+331 p. D. cl, $1.25. '

Cont sins the five essays: On the contempt of death: On he ~ pain; On grief ; On the passions ; and On virtue <ufficient for happiness. They all havea distinctly ethi- -al purpose. and also a clearly defined plan, and a regular set nence of thought and reasoning. he translator has sed Moser’s text. His aim has been, he says, as in previ- we translations, not to give what is commonly called a lit- eral version,’ but to put Cicero’s thought unaltered into

st English forms at my command.

Cleveland, Ohio. Map of Cleveland. fand, O., The Burrows Bros. Co., 1886. folded map., 5. pap., 10 Cc.

Cook, Jos. Orient; with preludes on current eyents. Bost., Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1886.

340 p. por. D. cl., $1.50.

biect of the Boston Monday Lectures is to present

ilts of the freshest German, English, and American rship on the more important and difficult topics


Cleve- 16 p-

ling the relations of religion and science. Mr. Cook has just completed a tour of the world, the journey ipying two years and seventy-seven days. He lect-

nan average every other working day. Among

e salient points of the present volume are a study

haracter and career of Keshub Chunder Sen and

ontributions of the Brahmo Somaj of India to the

f comparative theology; a consideration of the

vements and probable future of civilization in Aus-

i discussion of the international duties of Chris-

and of the prospects of imperial federation in the

Brit empire,etc. The /rinceton Review pronounces Mr. Cook “ta great master of analysis.”

Cutts, Aev. E: L. Scenes and characters of the middle ages. New ed. N. Y., Ja. Pott & Co.,

1886., $


Divorce; or, the trials and temptations of a lovely woman. N. Y., Norman L. Munro, [rss6.] 2+106 p. S. (Munro’s lib., no. 658.)

pap., 10 Cc,

‘Dodge, 1/rs. Mary Mapes. Hans Brinker. New

N. Y., C: Scribner's Sons, 1886. II. sq. D.

a D1.50. Drewry, Edith S. Baptized with a curse : a ro- mance. N. Y., Norman L. Munro, [1886.] 24


238 p. S. (Munro’s lib., no. 657.) pap., 20 c.

Dukes, Edwin Joshua. Along river and road in Fuh-Kien, China; with map and il. from sketches by the author. N. Y., American Tract Soc., [1886.] 348 p. D. cl., $1.25.

(he endeavor has not been to represent China from the special point of view of the politician, merchant, or mis- sionary, but simply to describe the scenes of daily life as they appear to one moving to and froamong them. The hapters are mostly compiled from notes made when trav- ing upon mission journeys and from letters written to iriends in England. The author thinks that in a few years the ‘* Chinese question * will become a great interna- tional problem, which it will need all the wisdom of West- ern countries to solve.


“Eaton, D.C. Beautiful ferns ; containing ten colored plates of American ferns ; from draw- ings by C. E. Faxon and J. H. Emerton ; text by Prof. D. C. Eaton. Bost., Estes & Lauriat, 1885. Q. cl., $3.75.

Finley, Martha F., [‘ Martha Farquharson.” | he thorn in the nest. N. Y., Dodd, Mead & Co., [1886.] 5-305 p., $1.25. he scene alternates from the interior of Pennsylvania

tr hil i ° 7 to Chillicothe, Ohio; the plot is transparent and involves se- |

misunderstandings, a love affair and many journeys

= western wilderness before Dr. Clendenin is en- bride to prove his identity and claim Nellie Lamar as his ener A taint of insanity is the thorn in the Clendenin “Fleming,

J. A. Short lectures to electrical ar- tisans;

mer being a course of experimental lectures a to a practical audience. N.Y., E. & -N. Spon, 1886. 208 p. il. O. cl., $1.50.

want fas... aes =

The Publishers’ Weekly. 553

Forrest, R. E. The touchstone of peril : a novel

of Anglo-Indian life, with scenes during the

mutiny. N. Y., Harper, 1886. 70 p. Q. (Har-

per’s Franklin sq. lib., no. 547.) pap., 20 ¢.

The author has the advantage of personal familiarity with the materials of which his novel is built up. The characters are natural and life-like. People are possibly a little tired of stories of the Indian mutiny, but when we once get started in this the interest is sustained without any lapses and the author has love-scenes, battle-scenes, tournaments enough for another story.

Foster, C: Bible pictures and what they teach us. N. Y., Ward & Drummond, [1886.] 232 sq. O. cl., $1.50.

More than three hundred pictures from the Bible will be found inthis volume. A short explanation accompa- nies each one. In preparing these the writer has endeav- ored to make them simple enough for little children to un- derstand, and at the same time sufficiently interesting to hold their attention, By the author of the‘ Story of the Bible.”

*Fothergill, J. Milner, 47.). The-will power ; its range in action. N. Y., Ja. Pott & Co., 1886. 184 p. D. cl., $1.25.

*Ginn, F. B., avd Coady, Ida A. Combined num- ber and language lessons; containing eight hundred oral and written lessons. /vachers’ ed. Bost., Ginn & Co., 1886. 157 p., 55 ¢.

*Girder, W. I. The weight of iron; being tables of the weight of plates one inch to 4 feet thick; also the weight of round, square and flat bars angle and tee iron. N.Y., E. & F. N. Spon, 1886. Folding card, 4o c.

Girl’s(A) room ; with plans and designs for work upstairs and down and entertainments for her- seif and friends ; by some friends of the girls.

3ost., D. Lothrop & Co., [1886.] 5-236 p. il.

S. cl., $1.

A practical book of instruction for girls, teaching them agreeable ways of making their rooms and homes pretty without much expense, how to darn and mend, how to amuse themselves in a healthful, enjoyable way. The chapters on keeping a journal ; on herbariums ; on scrap- books: on Sir Walter Scott’s idea; on dolls’ mittens, etc., are thoroughly adapted to a girl's characteristic tastes. The * friends of the girls ** have done their work with en- thusiasm.

Goebel, Julius. Zur deutschen frage in Amerika: ein wort iiber schule, seminar und schulverein. N. Y., B. Westermann & Co., 1886. 4+ 19 p. S. pap., 15 c.

An argument to preserve the German language among the German immigrants and their descendants, and to es- tablish a thorough educational system.

Good things (The) of Zife; third ser. N. Y., White, Stokes & Allen, 1886. 64 p. obl. D. cl., $2.50.

Each page is a cartoon from 17/¢, withthe text beneath it. The designs are all extremely amusing, being hits mostly at society weaknesses and follies.

*Griffiths, Arthur. Memorials of Millbank, and chapters in prison history ; il. by R. Goff and the author. MNewed. Phil., J. B. Lippincott Co., 1886. O. cl., $4.50.

Haggard, H. Rider. King Solomon’s mines. N. Y., Norman L. Munro, [1886.] 2+177 p. S. (Munro’s lib., no. 660.) pap., 20 c.

Hamilton, Kate Livingston. The Chester coterie. Phil., Presb. Bd. of Pub., [1886.] 236 p. 1 il. S. cl., $1.

A number of Sunday-school boys and girls desiring to raise a sum of money for a charitable object and wishing to avoid the old-fashioned means of fairs and festivals, evolve two very excellent plans, which are successfully carried out. The girls bake cake, bread, biscuit, etc., and have a room where they sell it certain days, the boys open a gymnasium and debating club. Both the schemes are conducted on business principles and yield all the money they need.

*Haraways, B. H. Pocket-book of tables and formule for railroad engineers; embracing,

besides the usual tables and formula, those for

ee. 2 >. es aee..|6| Lee ~, Oe


running in transition curves. N.Y., E.& F.N. Spon, 1886. 48 p. O. mor., $2. *Harte, Bret. Poems. Cadinet ed. ton, Mifflin & Co. S.. cl, seal or tree cf., $3. *Hawthorne, Nathaniel. Complete works. /7¢t/e Classic ed. Bost., Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1886. 25 v. S. $25; hf. cf. or hf. mor., $50; tree cf., $75. *Hawthorne, Nathaniel. other twice-told tales. flin & Co., 1886. S. no. 5.) cl., 50 ¢. *Heard, Franklin Fiske. Precedents of pleadings in personal actions in the superior courts of common law; with notes. Bost., Little, Brown & Co., 1886. 7+555 p. O. shp., $5. *Hervey, Acv. A. B. Beautiful wild flowers of y; America ; with colored plates from original drawings by Isaac Sprague. [| New zs Estes & Lauriat, Howard, Adah M.

Bost., Hough-

1886. , ot; hf. cf., $2:

The snow-image, and Bost., Houghton, Mif- (Riverside pocket ser.,

sue. | Bost.. O. pl., $3.75.


Little Sunshine: or, the secret

of the death chamber. N. Y., Norman L. Munro, [1886.] 2+164p. S. (Munro's lib., no. 655.) pap., 20 c.

Howland, E:, ed. Social solutions, no.g. N. Y.,

J]: W. Lovell Co., [1886.] lib., no. 785.) pap., 10 c. Contents : The co-operative traveller abroad—M. Godin

at home, by E: Owen Greening ; Kameah, a co-operative commonwealth : The Voornit of Gand; Across the tinent for $1, by Will. D. Southworth; A. R. Parsons’ speech at his trial; The strike at Vierzon; Social solutions, by M. Godin, tr. by Marie Howland

Hugo, Victor. Les miserables. N. Y., J: Lovell Co., [1886.] 3 pts., 5-364; 3

(Lovell’s lib., no. 784.) pap.

264 p. S. (Lovell’s



731-1096 p. S. j , ed., 20 C.

*Hume, D: History of England. SAoston ed. 3 v. Bost., Estes & Lauriat, 1886. D. cl., Sn me Ys D+

*Indiana. Supreme Court. Reports of cases; by J. W. Kern, Off. Rep. V. 106, Nov. term, 1885

‘May term, 1886. Merrill Co., 1886.

Indianapolis, The Bowen- 22+ 044 p. O. shp., $3.50.

Inter-denominational Congress. Discussions of the Inter-denominational Congress in the inter- est of city evangelization, held in Cin., Dec. 7- 11, 1885. Cin., published by the Congress, {Cranston & Stowe,| 1886. 269 p. O. pap., 75 ¢. The titles of some of the papers read before the Con-

gress and the subjects of some of the discussions are:

Menace of the modern city to our civilization ; Socialism,

by Prof. R: T. Ely: The atheistic trend of socialism, by

Simeon Gilbert, D.D.; The homeless classes, by Rev. T: K.

Beecher ; The enforcement of moral legislation, by Rev.

Sylvester F. Scovel; Church neglect as caused by the

strife between labor and capital; Sabbath desecration;

The relation of certain phases of immorality to business

interests, by Murray Shipley ; Christian work for the pop-

ulation of foreign parentage ; Christianity and the bread- winners, by Rev. C. Clifton Penich.

Jerome, Irene E. The message of the bluebird told to me to tell to others. [Mew ed.| Bost., Lee & Shepard, 1886. No paging, il. O. cl., $2; pap., $1.

In new attractive binding of blue and white cloth, with gold and blue lettering and design,

Jerome, Irene E. Nature’s hallelujah ; il. and arranged by Irene E. Jerome. Bost., Lee & Shepard, 1887 [1886.] 85 p. obl. O. cl, $6; tky. mor., tree cf. or Spanish cf., $12.

Somewhat similar in its general design to ‘‘ One year’s sketch-book.’’ Consists of a series of nearly so full-page illustrations (944 x 14 in.), engraved by George T. An- drew, and finely printed on rich tinted paper. They all symbolize nature’s awakening in the spring, the birds, the flowers, etc., all singing ‘“‘ praise to the Lord.”’ This idea

The Publishers’ Weekly.

The Publishers’ Weekly.

[Vo. 769] Oct. 23, '86


is carried out throughout some beautiful landscay bird pictures, and exquisite flower designs, F has a selection from a tavorite poet. *Johnson, I. B. The theory and practice of sur. veying; designed for the use of surveyors and engineers generally, but especially for the se of students in engineering. N.Y., J: Wiley & Sons, L556. 7OO p- QO, cl., 3.50. i

€S, little “ach Page

*Kerr, Walter Montagu. The far interior -